Flour Mill

Flour Mill
Flour Mill

AB Industries provides advanced automation systems and solutions to the grain milling plants including both electrical components and softwares.

Product Mixing and Dosing Systems

  • Mixer software suitable for product mixing process.
  • Developing PLC software and operator panels for automatic dosing machines of different types and quantities.  


  • Preparation of electrical circuit diagrams (EPLAN)
  • Automation architecture designs
  • Technical consultancy services
  • Safety circuit system designs 

Grain Storage Systems

Operator panel software, PLC software, electronic card design and software, alarm procedures, database records suitable for product storage system processes.  

Energy Consumption Analysis and Reporting

Today, it has become imperative to keep energy consumption under control.  The main purpose of energy automation systems is to use existing energy efficiently and minimize risks and losses.   Energy automation basically ensures;

  • Energy saving thanks to the detection of energy consumption points 
  • Calculation of energy costs
  • Ensuring and reporting energy continuity 
  • Detection of possible failures that may occur and online intervention without losing time.
  • Energy optimization solutions